Friday, August 15, 2008


I had great intentions of reading my notes and peoples questionnaires and getting some writing done on vacation. I also had great intentions of exercising (brought my sneakers), and eating well (brought my protein shakes). Needless to say, the questionnaires remained in the closet, the sneakers in my bag...and the shakes stayed in the fridge.
I did what all moms do on after children on the beach, apply and reapply sunscreen, eat bad food (while apologizing in restaurants for Mayas blood curdling screams...a new trick), read trashy magazines (thank God for naps) and ate more bad food.
But I did come back more charged than ever to write. Decided I want to make lots of money and move to one of the beautiful homes on the water in Rye (with my new nanny, personal trainer and chef). Sorry...Im daydreaming again...happens when your brain is full of clam chowder.

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